Water Removal Palm Beach

water-removal-10Water damage usually occurs when you least expect it. The reasons for water damage in many of the homes that we serviced range from plumbing failure, negligence to natural disasters such as floods, typhoons and hurricanes. Whatever the cause, the moment you spot any signs of water damage, you must alert water removal and remediation experts to quickly assess the situation. This can save you so much in terms of water removal expenses and the damage incurred.

Royal Flush Plumbing Services is a water removal and restoration company.

Our trained technicians are always on call 24/7 to attend to the needs of our clients. Whenever you contact us, we shall arrive on the scene with the top of range equipment that will quickly extract the water from your premises. We maintain an extensive array of extraction and water drying equipment to enable us handle any job no matter the scale.

Insurance Claims
Where your property is covered, we shall work directly with the insurance agency or company. This ensures that you do not go through the trouble of incurring additional costs and chasing insurance agencies for compensation.

Fast Service and Response
Knowing the disastrous nature of water damage, we give priority to our clients and ensure that we arrive at the scene in good time. This helps us to quickly restore the premises to normal operations as we finish up with the rest of the water removal processes.

How to Detect Water Damage

Whenever you see puddles of water in areas where they are not meant to be, you should immediately suspect water damage. Areas such as lawns, toilets and floors which are next to water tubs are some of the susceptible places. Yellowing of ceilings and walls should also point towards leakages and water damage. Our specialists use state of the art equipment and technologies such as infrared cameras, tracer gas and acoustic testing to detect leakages.

How Does Royal Flush Plumbing Remove Water?

Having beeair blowersn in operation for over 25 years, we have invested in the latest equipments and forged partnerships with credible manufacturers to enable us have access to the best equipments. Some of the machinery we use to fight off water damages include:

Air Blowers
These are high velocity air movers that enable us to perfectly dry your premises. We use a variety of air blowers from major brands such as Air Foxx to enhance the quality of our services. Our floor dryers for instance offer 1 and 3 speed fan controls and operate at various air flow positions on the ground. They offer 45 and 90 degree air circulation meaning that every part of your carpet and floors will be dried accordingly. Our blowers also run on heavy duty motors which are very quiet during operation and can be excellent for outdoors. We also have industrial portable blowers that have Direct Drive Fans featuring 3 blades that enable them to tilt to direct air flow vertically. All our blowers meet OSHA standards and are also UL listed.

These are essential water restoration equipment. We have invested in high performing dehumidifiers that remove moisture from the air very fast. We have 3 main types of dehumidifiers that we use to service our clients’ needs. Commercial Grade Refrigerant Dehumidifier (CGR) – This remove moisture from the air by condensing it on coils which are cold. The water is then collected and pumped out through a drain or collected in a bucket. They operate well at levels of 55 grains per pound (GPP) and at about 50% relative humidity (RH).

Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier (LGR) – We use these dehumidifiers to remove water below 55 and 40 GPP. They are energy efficient and have inbuilt air cooling processes. Many of our LGRs use heat pipes, thermal siphons and heat exchangers as their pre-cooling systems.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers – These operate on sophisticated technology using chemicals to extract water. They work even in excessive dew point temperatures. They operate at low GPP hence able to produce the driest air possible. We usually use them on dense material such as hardwood floors.

High Pressure Vacuum Drying
We use this technology to dry voids, cavities and floating floors. We usually start by making small holes on the walls or floors which we later on seal. We then attach the vacuum pump to the drilled holes and force dry air into the cavities and voids. Our vacuum pumps have the capacity to remove liquids even at lower temperatures. The evaporation capacity of our high pressure vacuums are in the order of 100 Kg/h. They also have excellent conical surface areas that give them shorter drying times.

If you suspect a leakage or water damage, Please contact us 24/7 for service in the following areas

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