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Royal Flush Plumbing is a company with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in offering plumbing solutions. We have over 25 years of experience in plumbing and water damage repairs. Our work stations are spread all over Florida thereby assuring you of quick response. In our 25 years of service, we have dealt with various cases of water damages and can thus be able to arrest any water damage or related issue irrespective of its magnitude. Our services include plumbing repair, septic tank plumbing and water heater support among many others. We offer residential, commercial and industrial plumbing solutions. We operate on 24/7 work schedule.

How to Find Water Damage

leakfromroofwaterdamageAccording to statistics, the probability of water damage occurring is 7 times more than that of fire damage and 6 times that of burglary. Statistics do not lie and if the insurance claims as a result of water damage are anything to go by, it is fast becoming a household and industrial disaster.

Generally, water damage occurs when excess water begins to pool in areas where it should not. This has the potential of causing damage and even loss of property depending on the magnitude of the water damage. Being aware of the potential causes of water damage can give you a precursor to help in taking precautionary measures. Remember, the quicker you spot a potential water problem the higher the chances of damage minimization.

Main Reasons for Water Damage

There are various causes of water damage. Some of these may be easily identifiable while others such as underground leaking pipes may not. Below are some of the common causes of water damage.

Busting and leaking Pipes
These are the leading causes of water damage in homes and industrial setups. With time, pipes age and rust thereby developing weak points from which their contents can leak through. Blocked drains also pile pressure on pipes thereby causing them to burst.

Plumbing Problems
Poor workmanship such as poor fixing of pipes and hose joints can cause leakages which result into pooling of water. While fitting larger pipes into small ones or branching, poor plumbing can create weak points around such areas.

Basement, Crawl Space and Attic Problems
Certain sections of the house are more vulnerable to water damage. Damp crawl spaces for instance attract moulds which cause structural damages and moisture accumulation. Also, concrete foundations that allow moisture to drip can cause pooling of water in basements. In the section between the attic and the roof, air leakage can cause moisture to accumulate under the roof.

Faulty Household Appliances
Refrigerators, washing machines, dish washers and water heaters can be agents of water damage through their piping. With time, these pipes rust and crack and the hoses become weak. These are potential leakage points. Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC) Problems – Systems such as air conditioners require regular repairs. If not done, their malfunctioning may cause accumulation of moisture.

Severe weather condition like hurricanes or thunder storms
Especially in the state of Florida, the summers here can be very wet and as we all know hurricanes can pass by us and create a path of distraction on his way, flying objects may puncher your roof or windows allowing to get in the house.

What Can You Do If Water Damage Accrue

The Best thing you can do is call us ASAP, we will dispatch our team of water damage experts to your location, we come equipped with all the gear necessary for water removal, we can deal with your insurance company and we make sure there is no structural damage caused by the water damage.
Do not be caught on the offside! Our customer help desk in open round the clock to serve you.

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