Water Leak Detection West Palm Beach

leakdetection-4Almost every home has experienced a leakage of one kind or another. Some of these leakages are easy to detect and locate while others may not be obvious. The reason behind the invisibility of some leaks is that they occur in hidden areas of the building structure. Signs of a leak may be spotted in one location but the true position of the leak may be far away. This has made it necessary for water damage and restoration companies to invest in state of the art scientific equipment that can locate with accuracy leaks which are hidden from surfaces.

Royal Flush Plumbing has specialists who are veterans in the identification and remediation of water damages. We have over 25 years of field experience in handling different customer needs in the HVAC sector. Our services are based in West Palm Beach Florida. Our solutions are comprehensive and targeted to give our clients the assurance of a credible partner.

There are various causes of leaks within and around homes in West Palm Beach:

Tub Leaks – These can be seen at floors next to bathtubs or even in the hallway outside the bathroom. They are usually caused by a faulty drain which has cracks or overflows.

Faucets – Worn out or faulty washers may cause leakages in faucets. Even the washerless faucets which are considered durable usually deteriorate with time and cause leakages.

Shower – Faulty silicone sealant joints are the principal causes of leaks in shower places. They usually appear as a damp patch on a wall in the bathroom or a damp ceiling in a room below the shower. Plumbing errors in the installation of shower enclosures could also be a reason for the leaks.

Toilet Leaks – Even though they are difficult to detect, toilet leaks can be manifested by water puddles at the point where the toilet meets the floor. The main reason for these leaks include broken flanges and rocking toilets which make the wax ring to lose its seal.

Water Supply Leaks – A sudden drop in water pressure or a discoloration of the water flowing through the faucets signals water supply line leaks. This is usually caused by acidic soil conditions, freezing and thawing and general deterioration of the line with time.

How Do We Find The Hard To Find Water Leaks?

Working with industry specialists and reputable brands, Royal Flush Plumbing Services has a wide array of equipment and systems used to detect leaks with accuracy and precision. Some of the main systems and processes we use in our trade include:

Infrared Cameras
We use this to detect surface temperature differences within buildings. The cameras produce a thermal image of the material which can be a wall, a slab or any surface under examination. These images help in detecting potential moist areas by displaying temperature variations on an LCD display. Areas considered warm are shown as red while cold areas give a blue indication on the display. Infrared cameras are used for scanning large areas in buildings or homes. In many cases, materials that appear cold on the infrared display screen could be caused by an evaporating and cooling effect on the material surface. Also, cooler temperatures inside walls that are being examined from the surface can result into the blue signal. We work with prominent brands such as FLIR Systems.

Acoustic Leak Detection
There are areas where thermal imaging cannot work effectively. This is especially the case in conditions where pipes have a strong insulation or are buried very deep in structural materials. Detecting the surface temperatures in such conditions become difficult. Acoustic leak detection becomes the best solution. A pressured pipe that is damaged causes water to leak to the surface. This results in a vibration of the pipe and surrounding material at the point of water exit. Using acoustic testing, sophisticated ground microphones can be deployed to pinpoint the area of exact leakage. Advanced acoustic leak detection sensors from global brands such as Neptune Oceanographic have proved reliable in this exercise.

Tracer Gas
This is a more engaging and rigorous process. Water is first drained from the system suspected to suffer leakage. Tracer gas which is composed of 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen is then introduced under pressure into the system. The hydrogen molecules which are usually small and light, escape at the point of the leakage to the surface. These are detected by a sensitive gas detector. This method can be used in water pipe lines, pressure tanks, and waste water systems top detect leakage possibilities. Sewer in is among the renowned brands whose equipment has been of great benefit to us.

At Royal Flush Plumbing, we are continuously incorporating more innovative solutions into our leak detection portfolio. This will guarantee you of quality and fast services delivered at the highest level of precision. For any inquiries, you can contact us. Our offices are open 24/7 to attend to you.