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waterunderwoodfloorsAll homeowners at one point or another experience water related issues in their homes. This can be caused by negligence on the part of the homeowner, plumbing errors or just an accident. The bottom line however is that water leak can be catastrophic if left unattended for long. The problems causing water leaks often present themselves in subtle ways making them very hard to detect. To solve this, you need to be extra vigilant for any signs of water leaks such as yellowing of ceilings and peeling of walls.

This has enabled us to gain considerable experience in dealing with water leaks related damages. Our specialists are trained to provide emergency response services to our clients.

Main reasons for water leaks in your house or place of business

When a water leak occurs, whether in the shower, toilet, bathtub or faucets, it is common for you to point fingers on certain areas as being the principal causes. Based on experience, this is not always the case.

There are various kinds of faucets that are available today. For purposes of classification, they can be grouped into two main categories; compression faucets and “washerless” faucets which include ball faucets, disk faucets and cartridge faucets. Compression faucets which are considered the old style usually have a valve on each handle which opens up for water to flow. With time, the rubber washers that seal the valves in the compression faucets wear out. This causes water to leak. Even the washerless faucets leak after long periods of service.

The evidence of such leakages is water pooling around the sinks and areas where these faucets are. Some of the water could even flow over to adjacent services causing wet floors. To solve this, the washers need to be checked periodically and replaced where possible.

Bathtub Leaks
Signs such as water pooling on the floor next to the bathtub or even along the hallway outside the bathroom can point to a bathtub related issue. This could be caused by a number of factors including:

The tile surround – The grout, the corners or even the connection where the tile meets the bathtub can be the source of the leakage.

Leak detection-mainDrain
The overflow in the bathtub or even the drain itself could be loose or having cracks. This can be confirmed by stepping around it or putting weight on it to check for cracks. The plumbing system attached to the drain occasionally leaks and can cause water damage. The space between the valve in the wall and the tub filler could also be a culprit. This is occasioned by a broken joint or copper elbow.

Shower Leaks
If not detected and solved early enough, shower leaks can cause substantial damage that is expensive to repair. In most cases, the shower enclosure is assumed to be the cause of the leaks but time has shown that this is not the only culprit. The silicone sealant has also been a major cause for shower leaks. For instance, the silicone sealant joint between the shower trays, the walls and the shower enclosure is particularly an area of concern.

The puddle on the floor outside the shower or a damp ceiling in a room below the bathroom can also result from plumbing errors when fitting shower enclosures. Failed silicone sealant joints occasionally detach themselves from the shower tray due to movements or even deterioration with age.

Toilet Leaks
where pools of water appear at the meet up point between the toilet and the floor, this should be an area of concern. The reason for toilet leaks include broken flange, flange that is too low and rot around the flange. Plastic toilet flanges easily break especially when the toilets are rocking or over tightened. A low flange usually results in cases where a new bathroom floor is laid on top of an old one. Plastic toilet flange extenders can be added to solve this problem. The flange should also be supported by a solid surface. Rocking toilets should be fixed in order to avoid cases of wax rings losing their seals.

Water Supply Line Leaks
whenever you witness a drop in pressure, a discoloration in the water that flows through your taps or a recurring wet area somewhere in your yard, you need to report this to a plumbing expert. Using an electronic device, the exact location of the line is first established then nitrogen is charged into the line to detect the leaking point. The common reasons for water supply leaks include high water pressure, ground movement, a buildup of minerals and residue and tree roots which get into the pipe.

When we get to your location if the water is finding a way to get out we don’t just look around for leaks we investigate and use the most advanced leak detection gear available in the market today

leakdetection-7We Can Find Water Leaks with Acoustic Leak Detection and Infra Red Cameras:
• Inside construction, behind walls
• Under concrete slabs and asphalt
• Basements, drains, wastewater
• Landscaping, fountains, irrigation
• Water intrusion in roofs
• Radiant heat / boiler systems


We have been doing leak detection and plumbing repair for over 25 years and we can find every type of concealed leak in your home or business end helps you solve the problem fast and stay on budget, in some cases you will be covered by your home / business insurance.

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