AC Service Jupiter

Jupiter is generally an area with tropical rainforest climate with no distinct no dry season. The annual temperatures range from 55 degrees to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Jupiter experiences a warm season that lasts from the end of May to the beginning of October. The area can also be very humid at 95% relative humidity, this explains why installing an AC unit an absolute necessity.
Royal Flush Plumbing is a reliable AC company based in Palm Beach County. We have in-house Air Conditioning technicians who are certified and competent enough to handle all of your needs including ac repair, HVAC maintenance and water damage remediation. We are famous for fast response and round the clock operations that guarantee our clients prompt services at their convenience.

Do you Need Air Conditioning Repair in Jupiter?

leaking-unitHaving regular ac maintenance and repairs is necessary if you are to enjoy the full service of your ac unit for long. By observing a regular maintenance program, you will be assured of comfort even in the hottest of the seasons. There are several benefits that you can derive from having your air conditioner units regularly checked and repaired by Royal Flush Plumbing AC professionals.

Our AC maintenance program will keep your Heat Pump in great shape

Research shows that regular tune-ups help ac units to maintain up to 95% of their original efficiency. Our certified experts will also service your HVAC systems to save on energy and this will ultimately be reflected in your reduced power bills. You will pay lesser amounts if your unit is regularly checked and repaired.

We have helped many of our clients avert major ac problems by engaging in timely repair and maintenance of their units. Instead of waiting until your ac unit breaks down at the middle of the night, you can have our professionals diagnose any problem and have it fixed in a timely manner.

Because of our experience in offering water damage and restoration services, we guarantee you professional ac leak detection and repair services. This will keep your ac units up and running thereby minimizing potential water damages. This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Does your Air Conditioner leak? Find out the main reasons.

An Air Conditioner system functions by filtering warm and humid air present in your house by passing it through a condenser unit. This unit condenses the moisture and cycles cool and drier air back into the house. This gives you comfort especially during the sweltering heat of summer. Mechanical and technical hitches can cause leakages in your ac unit. These leakages however small they may be can damage your roof, window frames or even ceilings if not fixed in good time.Ac units develop problems resulting from various root causes. While some of these leakages may be caused by external temperature changes and as such temporal, some of them may need professional attention.

Broken Pump
The condenser pump of the ac unit may break. This can be a cause of a leakage and consequently water damage. You can test this by pouring water into the condenser pan. This will check whether it can pump out the excess water. If the power of the pump is okay, you can check the motor or the condenser itself.

Improper AC Installation
Plumbing errors can occur during ac units’ installation. If the unit is not level then water leakage is likely to occur. Also, too much pressure may cause the ac unit valves to leak and cause pooling of water.

Blockage of Drain Line
Ac units come with a drain hole which is used to remove the condensed moisture. Debris or dirt can cause blockage in these drain holes. In order to confirm this, you can check the tubing of the unit. Because of the lack of a proper exit from the condenser pan, water can easily leak and pool around the ac unit.

Air Leakage
The ac unit seals need to be very tight. If not, excess warm air may get into the unit. Moisture from this warm air can condense inside the ac unit as it meets cold air. This excess moisture can easily pool below the unit causing water damage.

HVAC DepartmentAc unit leakages can be very serious and can cost you a considerable amount of money to repair if left unattended for long. The water damage from the leakages can affect the ceilings and even even walls depending on where the unit is positioned. It is important to contact our in-house HVAC technicians the moment you notice an irregularity.
We operate 24/7 and you can contact us any time of day or night. We will diagnose and fix all your Air conditioner or Heat Pump maintenance and repair issues.