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Air condHVAC Departmentconditioners have become an integral part of lifestyles. They help us make us comfortable even in the most oppressive and hot days. Temperatures in Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas can get really high making homes uncomfortable without ac units. During such times of high temperatures and humidity, our ac units tend to overwork and as such breakdown. When this happens, it is advisable that you call a HVAC technician who will inspect the unit and fix the problem.

Royalbucket Flush Plumbing has been a dependable partner with more than 25 years of experience handling various HVAC systems. Our in house Air Conditioning professionals are state licensed, fully insured and EPA certified. We operate round the clock to ensure that you are comfortable in your homes. As a local company, we pride ourselves in offering customized HVAC solutions to residents of Palm Beach county.

We have served clients with various HVAC needs ranging from AC installations to repairs and maintenance. From our experience, one of the common ac problems that many households suffer from is ac unit leakage. This can happen in a clandestine manner such that no one notices at first. If not detected in good time, it can lead to water damage.
How It Happens

Ac unit leaks can be caused by various factors:

Disconnected Drain Lines

Poor workmanship can lead to improper air conditioner installation. Sooner or later, this could be manifested in disconnected drain lines which can cause leakages in ac units.

Low Refrigerant Charge

With time, the refrigerant in ac units may run low. This causes the units to freeze up and shut-off. Subsequently, the shut-off causes ice to begin melting resulting in water dripping onto the ceiling. This causes water damage.

Drain Hole Blockage

Every ac unit has a drain hole which removes the condensed water from the drain pan. When this hole is blocked by dirt or debris, water will be forced back to the drain pan causing overflows. In most of the cases, these overflows seep through your ceiling and run down the sides of your walls leading to further damage.

Duct Work

If the duct work is not insulated or the insulation is done poorly, the condensate can buildup and lead to ac leakages to the attic. How to Prevent Water Damage from AC Leakages

Some of the leakages resulting from ac units can be dealt with immediately while others will need a professional. Some of the steps you can take to prevent water damages from ac unit leaks include:

Annual AC Inspection – Have a regular inspection program where both your main drain and emergency drain will be checked by a professional for instances of obstruction. In addition, the technician will also check the contractor for burned contacts and inspect the refrigerant pressure.

Change Your AC Filters Monthly – This will help you run an efficient ac system. Faulty or worn out filters will affect the output and smooth running of your ac unit.

Install a Safety Float Switch – This is a switch that shuts off the power to your air conditioner if water accumulates in the drain pan. This will prevent condensation in the ac unit and the air inside your house will heat up. This will signal you to call technicians to come and check the unit.

Air Conditioning Repair By Royal Flush Plumbing

ac-namesIt is important for your ac system to be checked on a regular basis by HVAC technician. This is significant in several ways.

First of all, regular maintenance will give you peace of mind knowing that your ac system is working right.

Secondly, having a professional check your ac unit will help in detecting problems before they escalate into bigger issues. For instance, the technician may see water dripping from a pipe extending from your upper exterior wall. This could be a sign that the main drain line is clogged and thus needs unblocking.

Regular maintenance will help you avoid emergency breakdowns which are not only costly but also inconveniencing.

AC Repairs
Apart from regular maintenance, you need to schedule period checks and ac repairs. This is important because a worn out ac system will consume more energy and perform dismally in terms of efficiency. This will consume your resources. If you want your unit to serve you for a long time, ensure that you engage HVAC professionals who have experience in dealing with the different ac unit brands. Minor repairs and tune ups will go a long way into preventing water damages resulting from ac unit leakages. This will keep your home safe.
At Royal Flush Plumbing we have your interests at heart. Contact us today in case you have any queries or HVAC needs that you want addressed. Our 24/7 HVAC technicians will respond with urgency to ensure that you are covered.


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